Northrock Incorporated's interests include charitable and business endeavors. It serves as the umbrella under which these ventures are operated. Charities supported by the organization focus on improving the lives of individuals while the businesses focus on providing superior services to the communities they serve.

Charitable endeavors include food, shelter and life support to people in need; education, early childhood education for at-risk children; the arts, animal welfare, drug and gang prevention; university development, environmental conservancy, and many other worthwhile causes.

Some of Northrock's for-profit investments include commercial real estate, hotel development and management, oil and gas development, consumer rent-to-own, disaster recovery, investments, hospital healthcare, and banking. These companies employ more than 3,000 people nationwide.

Barry L. and Paula M. Downing Foundation
Wichita TOP Children's Fund
The Downing Foundation supports those efforts which impact the quality of life for communities, including education, the arts and service to the underprivileged. More...
Wichita TOP Children's Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports initiatives which improve the life outcomes of under-resourced children. More...
Volunteer Kansas, Inc.
MedVentures, Inc.
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Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc.
coast to coast, ACT has the expertise and depth of knowledge to respond to a wide range of natural and man-made disasters ... and the resources to handle multiple large-loss events at one time. More...
Volunteer Kansas is dedicated to helping Kansans through the sharing of time and resources.
MedVentures, Inc. has found intrinsic value in physician-owned medical facilities and recognizes the significant benefits realized by their patients and the communities in which they serve. More...
Lodging Enterprises, LLC
Lodging Enterprises is a unique hotel management and development company with superior expertise in customized design features for the transportation industry and general public hotel guest. More...
A leader in disaster response and recovery