Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc.
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As part of its services, ACT offers a unique FR (First Response) Network. This prequalified network of disaster recovery specialists employ state-of-the-art equipment, systems and processes to ensure the very fastest response time, the least invasive recovery process, the lowest cost, and the highest quality of service for ACT's customers. The FR Network resides on ACT's information technology systems, allowing dispatch of recovery specialists to any location within the Unites States within minutes of loss notification.

ACT is a one-stop shop for restoration jobs including water, high humidity, fire, smoke, wind, mold, trauma, structural damage, HVAC contamination, electrical, plumbing, power, and sewage problems. The company is staffed to respond to small, local jobs as well as large, multi-location hurricane losses.

During Hurricane Katrina, ACT crews performed more than $3 million in restoration work to help its clients.

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A national water, fire and environmental recovery company, ACT was founded in 2001 to provide direct recovery and third party loss management services to its customers. Clients include some of the largest hotel, commercial real estate, healthcare, and assisted living companies in the United States.

In addition to responding to ad hoc local and national storms and individual jobs, ACT manages on a daily basis, water and fire losses at more than 5,000 buildings nationwide.