Listed below are some of the initiatives that have received grants from the Barry L. and Paula M. Downing Foundation:
Barry L. and Paula M. Downing Foundation
The Downing Foundation was established in 1993 by Barry L. and
Paula M. Downing in response to their sense of compassion for others. "We felt fortunate to have the opportunity to become successful and had a sense of responsibility as well as a desire to assist others in the community," said Barry.

The foundation's first project was supporting a children's sports charity; funding a community sports complex and providing aid to assist disadvantaged youth to attend college. The foundation has broadened through the years and now contributes to the arts, children's causes, community development, and so much more.
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w The Opportunity Project Early Learning Centers
w Charles Koch Arena at Wichita State University
w The Downing Gorilla Forest at the Sedgwick County Zoo
w WSU Downing Academic Learning Center
w Downing Indoor Field at Wichita State University
w The Children's Garden at The Wichita Gardens, Botanica
w USD 259/Fundamental Learning Center Literacy Project
w Real Men, Real Heroes (role model program)
w Do You Want To Live Or Die? Gang Prevention
w C.L.A.S.S. (Caring Ladies Assisting Students to Succeed)
w Gorretti Nursery School in the Mukuru slums of Kenya, Africa
w The Downing Children's Clinic
w Downing Concert Series
w Stryker Soccer Complex
w Centers for Health and Wellness
w Kansas Food Bank Warehouse
w Kansas Humane Society
w Jane Goodall Foundation
w Wichita Art Museum
w Wichita Center for the Arts
w Rainbows United
The foundation prefers funding initiatives in or near the state of Kansas. For more information regarding the Barry L. and Paula M. Downing Foundation, please visit