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MedVentures, Inc.
Established in 1999, MedVentures, Inc., invests in and manages healthcare facilities. The model of partnership with high-quality physicians to found and operate hospitals has proven highly successful in creating the best possible work environments for physicians. This, in turn, has allowed MedVentures' hospitals to provide patients with superior medical outcomes and has generated extraordinary patient satisfaction.

MedVentures owns majority interest and serves as managing administrator for two hospitals - Lubbock Heart Hospital in Lubbock, Texas and Galichia Heart Hospital in Wichita, Kansas. These facilities employ more than 600 highly-trained healthcare practitioners and generate more than $330 million in annual gross patient revenues. These hospitals possess special expertise in cardiac-related healthcare, receiving some of the highest patient outcomes ratings in the United States.

Lubbock Heart Hospital and Galichia Heart Hospital also provide high-quality specialty services in other areas, allowing them to help patients with virtually any hospital-related healthcare need. Both hospitals provide state-of-the-art, full-service emergency rooms, imaging centers, pharmacies, surgery suites, cath labs, and electrophysiology spaces. Each facility has received regional and national awards for providing highest quality care for patients in their communities. To learn more go to or